What makes this story slightly different from other biographies you might have read are three important things. First off I am not a writer or a psychologist or a psychiatrist; actually I am a salesman with no background knowledge or experience with mental health issues. Also, the woman about whom you will be reading was not famous nor involved in anything that would be of interest to the general public. She was an ordinary woman. And finally, I myself have never met her.

When I came into possession of the note, I was extraordinarily intrigued by it. I just felt I had to learn more. This desire had led me to this journey. I am now asking you to join me.

The people we shall meet[1]inhabit a whole new world that I was unaware of and, perhaps surprisingly, this world was, in general, one of kindness and good will. I note particularly Alice’s mother who, though wary at first, was extremely forthcoming in her recollections, and I shall be eternally grateful for her permitting me to borrow her daughter’s journals (kept from the age of ten). She had never read them herself, and it was an extreme act of faith and trust for her to permit me to read them.

This is the biography of a suicide note. And also of a woman. But it is also a story about perception and memory.

[1] I have altered most of the names including hers. Additionally some place names have been changed. On occasion during my research I ran into dead-ends: these are denoted by the lack of a specific name (ie, “the lover” or “a town”). I apologise for these omissions.


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