Diary Extract The Holidays

From Alice’s Diary:

I don’t hate the holidays. I don’t love them. I am ambivalent about the holidays. This isn’t a problem for me.

Except that it seems to be for everyone else. It seems like every person I come in contact with either loves or loathes late December. The people who get giddily excited about the countdown to Christmas (my advent calender would just be blank behind each door) make me want to push them from the top of a tall flight of stairs (not really, but I wish they’d shut up) and the people who can’t stop talking about how shit Christmas and New Year’s are make me equally frustrated. I want to just tell them to grow up and get over it.

Those who are happy make me feel bad because I’m not. Those who are unhappy make me want to tell them what unhappiness really looks like. I don’t want to do either of those things. I am okay being ambivalent. Just let me be.


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